Atlantean Spellbook

Water Portals: This spell allows a caster to have two separate bodies of water to be connected by a pathway of with mystic energy. This merges the two locations as one, allow a person to travel great distances instantly. As long as the magician focuses on keeping the new portal open anyone can travel through it. The portal often gives the feeling of breaching the surface of water, but by focusing you can almost completely eliminate that sensation. This allows the traveler to feel as if they were walking through a doorway, not falling through surface water. The mystic can further build on this concept and control the velocity of whoever goes through the portal.
(44 points)
+ Teleport 14, Portal, Change Velocity, Turnabout
- Medium: Water

Mystical Mending Water: By adding mystic energy to the water within a person, you can repair damaged tissue and remove harmful substances. The caster can use water or manipulate the Oxygen and Carbon molecules to create water to work with. Advanced students can use mystic energy instead of water. This creates a more potent building block but requires more focus to do. The subjects of this spell often get a refreshing sensation, and it is not uncommon to have one or more senses feel as if it is interacting with water.
(44 points)
+ Heal 14, Restorative, Stabilize, Persistent

Water Jet: The caster replaces a hard water attack with mystic energy for a more potent result. No longer bond by physical limitations, armor offers no resistance and the spell can effect those who have insubstantial forms. Since the original form was water a caster can apply the physical benefits of a stream, like ricocheting off items. Advanced students use this concept to have the attack hit a subject multiple times or multiple targets. A final defensive method is to create a rainfall, offer a cover fire.
(44 points)
+ Damage 10, Range, Multiattack, Penetration 10, Affect Insubstantial 2, Extended Range, Ricochet

Aquatic Conjuring: Applying the Hard Water spell a mystic can create physical items to use. By properly creating the items at the time they will retain their form until the spell in nullified by the caster or another force. If you use mystic energy to conjure items they are a more permanent creation. Any item designed for a everyday use is highly recommended to be created this way. Unless a lot of preparation and concentration is used with making a item they will have a water like appearance. Advanced students can once again pull from mystic energy, by doing this one can control how solid an object is and who is able to interact with it. Object created this way are able to interact with insubstantial forms do to the residual mystic energy they are comprised of.
(44 points)
+ Create 10, Continuous, Selective, Precise, Innate, Subtle, Affect Insubstantial

Etheric Levitation: By apply the Hard water spell you can grip and move items by your will alone. When using mystic energy instead of physical water the caster has much more control relying on their will. With practice ones will can move items with great precision and even maintain the object static position with little effort. While being moved the item must be visual and often the caster’s hands will glow along with the object. If the mystic needs to subtly move an item, by concentrating they can eliminate the glow around the object and ones hands. Precision and carrying capacity maybe sacrificed but the only indication of the spell will be your eye contact with the item.
(44 points)
+ Move Object 14, Sustained, Precise, Subtle

Thaumaturgic Unraveling: With enough knowledge of magic itself a caster can learn to dismantles a spell or mystic power at it source. By redirecting or blocking the magical energy begin channeled by another mage a mystic can prevent any magic to be used from that person. Being able to physically see mystical energy being channeled will decrease the difficulty immensely. As long as the caster can focus at the source, all magic should be inaccessible. By the spells path to it’s point of origin, the caster can cross realms to the originator of the magic.
(44 points)
+ Nullify Magic 10, Simultaneous, Concentration, Effortless, Precise, Dimensional 3

Seer into the Mystic: By opening the mind into the mystic realm one can understand the details of a mystic item. Often a medium is used to to tether the mind of the caster while a rune circle deciphers the make up of the object. Cation while focusing on the information being obtained the mystic is often unaware of their surrounding environment. It is very rare but some mystics can peer into mystical energies as easily as people the perceive the world around them with their eyes.
(7 points)
+ Detect Magic, Ranged, Increased Range, Acute, Analytical, Accurate

Seer into the Physical Condition: By opening the mind into the body one can understand the details of a individuals current Health and condition. Often a medium is used to to tether the mind of the caster while mystic energy gathers information. Cation while focusing on the information being obtained the mystic is often unaware of their surrounding environment.
(2 points)
+ Detect Health 1, Analytical 1, Acute 1
- Noticeable: Eyes Glow

Arcane Decipher: A simple spell that instantly translates any text before the caster into their native language. Based off of a illusion spell that is combined with a translator spell this is a very useful tool, for further reading about magic.
(2 points)
+ Comprehend Languages 1 and read,
- Limit only read

Aquatic View: A simple spell based off the water portal spell that allows a magician to view well beyond what their eyes perceive. This spell does not actually open the portal but keeps a barrier. This creates more of a window then a doorway but combined with t he water portal spell on can survey an area before entering it. Only those that can sense mystic energy can detect those using thsi spell.
(6 points)
+ Remote Sensing: Sight 10, Subtle 1: Magic sense
- Medium: Water

Shell of the Sea: By binding a size changing spell to a Nautilus Shell, a caster is able to store a ample supply of water to be summoned whenever they or a spell requires it.
(1 point)
+ Feature: Stores a large amount of water that is easily accessed

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Atlantean Spellbook

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