22 November 2040

Time: 1:11am
Location: Tower
Mood: _ノ乙(、ン、)_


Having difficulty sleeping despite the comfortable surroundings. Nothing new.

Yesterday was a very long day. It started with Lt. Lords contacting us about wanting to meet up at that restaurant again. Since the news article back at the beginning of the month it seems that we, the Teen Titans, have become sought after but numerous groups including the CIA and FBI. Chief Saxon has been trying to keep them at bay though I’m sure after tonight that is going to be near impossible.

As we spoke Lords’ radio went off. There was a bank robbery in progress. Within a blink Viola was gone. Understandable given that her mother was being held hostage. We left Lords to pack up the soup for us as we made our way over. I don’t think I thanked him for doing that for us (╯_╰) Once at the bank we devised a plan. Adella summoned a large water portal beneath all the people and moved them away from the robbery. Viola went to go check on her mother. I don’t know what I would do if my mom was in harm’s way like that. It’s not something I’ve ever considered.

The Balloons lived up to their name. Easily popped (。_°☆\(- – ) I admit I didn’t do much to help the fighting. My focus was on destroying the video feed and recorded data they had already collected. We need to make it as difficult as possible for the groups to gather dirt on us. I worry there is only so long we can delay our identities being revealed.

After Viola left we returned to the tower only to join up with us a little later. At some point we thought it a good idea to make a giant Captain Bobo’s Barrel of Crunch (You’ll Go Ape!) treat. We went to one of those big super stores. I’ve passed by them on occasion but yesterday was the first time I’ve been in one. I hope that the next time is no time soon (。_+)\ Nemo on the other hand was ecstatic. They had large boxes of Captain Bobo’s Barrel of Crunch (You’ll Go Ape!) for sale at a reasonably cheap price. Other than Nemo I can’t think of anyone who would ever need that much. I wish he would eat something other than cereal (;´Д`)

Of course as our luck would have it we ran into Mosh waiting in line outside for Black Friday. Avoiding that situation Nemo and I returned to the van to wait for everyone else. While waiting Nemo leaned over and kiss me~! It was perfect.

We returned to the tower and made that treat \(;´□`)/ Nemo kept getting marshmallow in his hair. Eventually I gave up trying to get it out as it appeared. As the treat was cooling an alarm went off. A large tsunami was heading straight for San Francisco. Nemo and Adella rushed out to the ships off the coast to try and secure their safety.

I freaked out as I’m sure was apparent from my last post. I felt like I should have been the most prepared for dealing with the crisis. But there I was crying in my helmet ಥ_ಥ Is that a bad thing though? Should I not be afraid? It was fear that drove me to tears. It was also that fear drove me to gather a plan. If it had not been for Adella defying physics and holding back the wave I doubt we would have been able to pull off what we did.

What we did was expand upon Viola’s power. With using of the large lens from the telescope, the love of San Francisco, and the combined efforts of Gin and Adella we were able to magnify her power so that a massive wave, a tenth of the size of the Great Wall of China, of violet cats crashed into the wave ㅇㅅㅇ It was so powerful that it was visible from space.

During that time we all ended up going onto camera to speak with the citizens to try and get them to lend us their love. Since the camera was my helmet I was shown “unmasked”. I still had a blue domino mask on which made me feel like Nemo. Looking back at the footage, despite my hair being soaked, I was able to look descent (⊙﹏⊙✿)

I dropped a small hint for Michael for when I eventually want to talk to him about hero business. I know I can’t keep it hidden from him. I don’t know why I’m trying щ(ಥДಥщ) I should have returned home tonight but I didn’t. I want to say it was because of Nemo but I feel like if I had asked him to return to my place he would have joined me.

He’s been at my side since he returned from the ocean. I’m not sure why. I hope it’s not because I was crying. I pray that’s not the reason. Regardless I have appreciated it (。-_-。) When he’s next to me I feel safer. More confident. Relaxed. Do I have the same effect on him?

By the time the ocean had settled the base of the tower was swarming with news vans. We tucked ourselves back into the tower. Ray was allowed in as a one time exception. He knows too many of our team’s identities. If he is exposed he risk everyone.

Nemo and I ducked out. We ended up strolling about the city. I’ve never seen the streets so bare. It was haunting. I suppose I should try to close my eyes and see if getting this off my mind will help me sleep.

Time: Evening
Location: Home
Mood: ಠ_ಠ


After last night I really wanted to spend the day with friends. Not just the team but my other friends as well. It’s not like I could call them though. It just doesn’t work like that. Still it was nice to have everyone over. That is after Adella asked Michael if he was going to fight her (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ I saw Emi face palm and you know when Emi is face palming you’ve messed up. Besides I said that to Mosh not her. It was nice that he went through the effort to try and appeal to the senses. However it doesn’t clear his track record.

Adella asking Michael that wasn’t even the worst part of that conversation. Apparently that hint I had dropped last night Michael figured out Σ(-`Д´-ノ;)ノ I really should have known. He insisted on playing the song for me. Excuse me while I go crawl into a hole and never come out again.

We spent the majority of the day watching the television and playing board games. It was fun explaining the holiday to people even though it was my first time celebrating it as well. Watching Nemo try things at the dinner table while trying to be polite was fun. I wish I had a picture of his mash potato face.

I was able to get Viola over by inviting her whole family to desert. Apparently I didn’t have to bother inviting Ray into my home. Not that he was horrible or anything. I just not fond of him or Mosh. Why do Viola and Emi have to so interested in them? Emi even kissed Mosh at one point. Ugh.

Things were fine until one of the Moshes saw someone from Ray’s past ಠ_ಠ Miguel. With this group’s involvement with them I doubt we are going to be able to avoid being dragged into it. Mosh said he was like Nemo. I doubt it.

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22 November 2040

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