24 November 2040

Time: 8:00pm
Location: Bedroom
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So apparently for the last day I have been managing to avoid everyone. Not that I was trying, it just seemed that I kept missing them. Because of this I missed a pretty important meeting with a man from CADMUS as well as a meeting with Raven about the disappearance of San Francisco in a year. No, I was spending my time up loading the data I gathered from the battle on Thanksgiving before creating a press conference sim. I also contacted STAR Labs about their missing chips. I am still waiting to hear back from them.

Speaking of press conferences we had one today. Going into it I was feeling pretty good. We had just addressed the masses which had gone really well. However the many of the interviewers there were rude and quite unprofessional. That said I am embarrassed at how poorly I did. Out of everyone I should know better. I will need review the video and work on improving for future interviews.

Afterwards we traveled up to see the Justice League in space. It was amazing to see all the technology they had. If we hadn’t been there to see John I probably would have insisted on spending the next week going through everything. Again I am embarrassed on how little attention I was paying to John when we spoke with him. On our way to the space station I mentioned about the flood of art work that our acceptance would probably spawn today on Rule 34 and it turned into this big discussion.

To me though the bigger news was learning that Viola and Ray had already had sex. Not that it’s a bad thing. It just seems like such a big step. Maybe that’s because I have no experience in the area. I wanted to know more but my loud reaction to the news drew the attention of Emi and Adella who then joined in on the conversation.

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24 November 2040

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