01 November 2040

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Location: World History
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History class is so dull I can barely keep my eyes open (-_-) zzz Michael seems to be paying especially close attention to me since he keeps calling on me every five minutes. I really don’t want to go to the doctors after school today. Honestly I should have just taken the day off. But here I am so I might as well be productive now that I have my all my school work done for the day.

Yesterday before school, we had a surprise visit from the Police Chief Amelia Saxon and Detective Keen. We allowed them into the library and it was there we discussed the mutual relationship between the Titans and the police. They have allowed us access to their information which has so far proven to be a very useful tool(‘▽^人) I am willing to help them with cases as long as we don’t become their police dog. It seems Luke has also earned himself a promotion. He didn’t seem to happy about it when we talked about it saying it was more of a desk job.

School was uneventful for the most part. I did end up chewing out Michael in the middle of class about the whole incident with Nemo. (╯_╰) I really should have discussed it rationally with him in private. We really haven’t seen much of each other except at school and even then we don’t have time to talk about anything other than school. Today was suppose to be an exception.

When we returned to the tower is about the whole awkwardness with Nemo went down. Right after Ray called Viola and invited her out. I was under the impression it was a date until she popped onto the headset asking for help. Apparently Ray asked her to watch over her sick sister so that he could run off into danger (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻

After like 45 minutes of making out over the headsets Viola returned around 7. It was at that point we all gathered up and discussed Miss Venus. Miko lead us to realizing she was posing as a school nurse at multiple schools in the area.

Then he proposed that I go in and try to get in with her as a dealer. I am super uncomfortable with this idea. One because we know that Daniel was a dealer and she had been drugging him. Two omg the scandal that has the potential of being. Either being caught as a dealer or with the drug in my system. I honestly don’t know what’s worst o(╥﹏╥)o

After checking the school records we found the several locations she had been calling home. We went out as trick or treaters to investigate the first house in Crestview. Everything was new, including the bowl she had put out. Miko made his way in through the ground and began investigating. He ended up finding a computer which meant I had to go in. Nemo opened the front door. I didn’t realize how strong he is (●♡∀♡)

The computer was blank for the most part with most of her memory wiped. She was as helpful as she could be though. Someone had tried to plant a scrambler in her though it was a most pitiful effort. While I was searching through her files a chat program popped up. The name Viral popped up saying hello. I ignored them and placed a Trojan on the computer. Immediately Viral knew what I had done and caused the computer to blue screen Σ(゚д゚lll) She didn’t deserve that. I freaked out and rushed everyone out. Someone who could detect that is a dangerous individual.

We left the premises and made our way over to the second location: an apartment in the Haight. In the van I tried to subtly hold Nemo’s hand by trying to hook his finger with my pinkie. He ended up just grabbing my hand ♥

Emi responded to that with a loud “OOOOOOO”. It caused him to get really nervous and let go my hand which I don’t blame him since I felt overwhelmed with a wave of self consciousness myself. Her reaction just makes me feel uneasy. So of course I return the favor later when she started swooning over Mosh (╯_╰;) Anyways we held for the rest of the ride and it was really nice.

Getting up to the apartment itself was pretty cool. It was on the second story of a building that’s seen better days. Nemo let me ride on Granny Box all by myself \(0)/ Inside was another computer with no new leads. While I was investigating that Miko came in contact with a paralyzing toxin. It was startling and took me a moment to realize what exactly had happened. Apparently the heat signature I had gotten off the door knobs earlier was from this toxin. He was able to work it out of his system by switching to his larger form.

That was about the time we started paying attention to the box on the table. After running a quick scan on the content it appeared to be just a jack-o’-lantern and a candle in a box. Nemo took it out and moved it out the window to show the others.

That’s when the face shifted so that it was facing Nemo again. Then it bit him and drew blood ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ He smashed it to pieces easily but omg I feel like it’s all my fault for not detecting the mutation sooner
o(╥﹏╥)o I need to be more careful that doesn’t happen again.

The chat popped up on the screen and we left. As we filed into the van we saw Mosh and Ray speed by on a motorcycle.

The third and final location was over by the docks. It was empty, no heat signatures to be found. Miko went down into the ground like he does normally, only this time he found a box attached to nothing beneath the building. I couldn’t tell what was going on with it so Miko dug me a hole so that I could open it up with a blow torch. Inside we found several empty inhalers though I not sure how they got in there or why they would have been left there in the first place【・ヘ・?】

In the house above there were signs of life as well as multiple plants around the area. It seemed like who ever had been living there left several hours before we even began to investigate the first house. There was also evidence that a computer had been there. It was no where to be found. What we did find outside were several foot prints as well as a motorcycle wheel print. Immediately I contacted Ray to try and demanded he give it to me. Mosh thought it was a good idea to talk to Viral. Because badgering strangers is going to get you the answers you want.

I don’t even know what they were planning on doing with the computer since neither of them seem to know anything beyond pecking one key at a time ಠ_ಠ

Realizing how endanger they were Adella teleported us to the address they had given us last night. I made my way straight to the computer but it was too late. Viral, with use of a stolen tracker, was able to send a massive jack-o’-lantren to the house. It spewed out smaller pumpkins like the one we encountered in the second apartment.

The big one focused on Nemo and Miko whipping it’s big tendrils at them. It seems to hit both of them, especially Nemo, really hard ಥ_ಥ I threw two explosives in it’s mouth before Nemo some how managed to send it back to the orphanage Nemo was rescued from on Apokolips. I hope to get a better idea of how exactly Granny Box works when I get a hold of her.

Things inside seemed to be pretty difficult with a ton of those little things running around. At one point the big one spewed a ton of the jack-o’-lanterns right through the front door. They seemed to be able to keep things uncontrolled especially with Viola paying so much attention to Ray. Almost as much attention as Emi was paying to Mosh (¬д¬。) Not that I can really talk, I was keeping an eye on Nemo. Right after the battle he was the first person I checked on.

As Mosh began to pack so that the two could get out of the area before the cops arrived I suggested we call it a night. I think the night before I had gotten 2-3 hours of sleep? ヾ( ̄□ ̄;)ノ Ray however told me he couldn’t do that. He knew about some pumpkin sightings down off the pier. I asked Adella to check into for us since I doubted it was a immediate threat. I then continued to try to convince him that it was a bad idea because he is reckless. As soon as Adella opened the portal he jumped through landing in bay ಠ_ಠ

Of course Viola went in after him. Eventually the rest of us filed through and made our way to a more secluded pier. Adella searched the bay bed for any signs of Pumpkins. Emi tried to help though I doubt she was ever able to swim deep enough >°))))彡 Eventually Adella located a pumpkin patch under the water. Viola and Nemo were able to destroy them making use of Granny Box and the sun. It was so awesome! ♥~(‘▽^人)

Thinking everything had been settled we let our guard down long enough for Ray to be attacked by a tap worm like piece of seaweed (((( ;°Д°)))) It jumped into his mouth and quicker than we could react had rooted itself in his stomach. Once inside it began to pump green juice to cause him to overdose.

I pulled out the first knife I could find, ready to try and cut it out of him, when Nemo pushed me aside and placed Granny Box on him. It seemed to start working to counter the effects of the juice. The tape worm wiggled out of him and around my neck.

It was trying to choke me to death.

Viola tried to pulled it off me but it was too slipper. I tried to zap it but it was too quick. Mosh was finally able to pull it off though once he did it began to crush him and his three clones. It then tried to get away but Gin was able to blast it to a puddle of green goo (҂⌣̀_⌣́)

Nemo decided to burn it, which was a good idea, when a hand appeared and tried to grab him ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ How many forms does this shit have? Viola threw a box over it but it ate through it with use of acid. It somehow was able to counter it’s acid effect before it got through the pier. A woman screamed. That thing is probably Miss Venus. It began to try escape again however Miko was able to scoop it up and we were able to trap it щ(ಥДಥщ)

Though the juice was out of his system it seemed that some mutation had taken place. I gave Viola the results of the new DNA test right before class earlier. She seemed pleased that he wasn’t contagious though that seemed to be all she cared about (¬_¬) Anyways after Nemo removed Granny Box from Ray he handed it to me, worried that something had stopped functioning. I was sort of fiddling around with it when a text message appeared. I managed not to read the whole thing before handing it to Nemo (/。\)

After reading it he asked me in joining him in returning to the Tower. When we arrived there was a box with antidotes in it as well as a recipe to reproduce the product. Who ever Nemo is connected to knows there stuff. Adella gave me a sample of the green blob lady through a portal. I gave her an antidote for Ray’s sister.

Nemo and I tentatively discussed plans for the antidote (✿。・_・。)人(。・_・。 )Then he asked if he could hold my hand, which was so adorable, and Adella told us to knock it off so we removed ourselves from chat. We did a little work in the lab. That’s when Adella sent me the text about sex on her house boat. It threw me off to say the least. I shared her text with Nemo to which I then I had to explain what an orgy was to him.

I then called the police and informed them that we had a criminal on the pier. Probably should have done that sooner (⌒_⌒;) We returned to the pier and waited there until a very interested containment vehicle pulled up. Lt. Lords and Detective Keen stepped out of the car. We gave them the recipe and 7 antidotes. He wanted me to put a memories stick in my computer. As if I am willing to risk putting something onto my personal system. I wrote out all my notes for him 〆(・∀・@) After that Nemo and I returned to the tower where I dropped off my stuff.

Well that killed some time but only so much (✖╭╮✖) I guess I’ll continue on my head start with online work.

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01 November 2040

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